Panic Attack

About The Band

"Panic Attack is one group that is not only growing by leaps and bounds in their own music, but also helping open up St. Louis to a broad new music scene."
- St. Louis Magazine

Lisa Huffman

Lisa Huffman - Vocals & Rhythm Guitar

Lisa is the voice of Panic Attack. Often compared to both Natalie Merchant and the legendary Janis Joplin, Lisa's energy and versatile vocal talent make her a captivating presence on stage.

A songwriter for over ten years, Lisa's early songs were written acoustically and sung solo. Through her early collaborations with Scott Dippel, Panic Attack was born.

A St. Louis native and the quintessential rock chick, Lisa also enjoys her Mustang, softball, foosball, and hanging out with her dogs Rodney and Ginger.

Lisa's gear:
* Fender guitars
* Marshal amps
* Shure Beta wireless mics

Scott Dippel

Scott Dippel -
Lead Guitar

Scott is a native of St. Louis and co-founder of Panic Attack. The band's main riff maker, Scott's unique playing style incorporates thick layers of guitar harmonies that help define the Panic Attack sound.

A guitar player for over seventeen years, he has played with many other successful St. Louis bands, and is a respected musician in the local music scene. Scott is also a talented sound engineer, and has recorded several demo CDs for local, up-and-coming bands.

Scott rarely puts down his guitar, but when he does, he enjoys his massive DVD collection and driving the local pawn shop circuit looking for the golden buy.

Scott's gear:
* Marshall amps
* Gibson and Hamer guitars
* The nicest pedalboard in town

Danny Wildridge

Danny Wildridge -

A native of St. Louis, Danny Wildridge is the newest (and youngest!) member of Panic Attack.

Danny has been playing drums since he was 14 years old and has played in a number of local St. Louis bands over the years. His "funky punk" style of playing adds a new and interesting twist to the Panic Attack sound. His passion for music is as big as the tattoo of the treble clef on his back.

Danny's musical influences include Blink 182, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Led Zeppelin.

Danny's gear:
* Six-piece Yamaha custom set
* Sabian and Zildjian cymbals
* Vic Firth sticks

JP Nachefski

J.P. Nachefski -
Bass Guitar

J.P. is a St Louis native and has been playing bass since he was nine years old. J.P. joined Panic Attack in 2012. 

Named after the legendary bass player John Paul Jones of Led Zed Zepplin, J.P.'s influences include Zeppelin, Victor Wooten, Incubus, Rancid, Pink Flyod, and Les Claypool.

J.P.'s gear:
* Epiphine Les Paul Special Bass * Ampeg amps * His beloved regular B-50 Slinky Strings